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MS Exchange Server

All components of Exchange Server are implemented as Windows services. The basic components supply services for managing the Microsoft Exchange Directory, storing and forwarding messages, and other essential functions.

Services, like any other installed software, can become corrupted or unstable. The resource model checks that these services are not stopped or unstable to ensure that Microsoft Exchange is working correctly. Unstable services must be stopped to ensure they do not harm other functions of Microsoft Exchange.

You can also configure the resource model to monitor any other, optional, components of Microsoft Exchange Server that you have installed.

  • A Consistent User Interface: You’ll seamlessly integrate Exchange with Microsoft Outlook for a consistent user interface and a lower learning curve.
  • Improved Security: Keep your organization safe with the latest defenses against spam and malware, continuous data backup, and compliance with legal, regulatory and company requirements.
  • Increased Control: The Exchange Administration Center provides better control and management.
MS Exchange Server
MS Exchange Server

Collaboration and communication are critical to a business’ success, but the tools required, such as email, are becoming a IT management headache. Email has been a core business commodity for many years, but with increased user access, exponential data storage growth, security issues and business continuity requirements ever changing, it has become very time-consuming to manage.

Reduce costs

Reduce the total cost of managing your organisation’s email.

High availability

Significantly improve the availability of your email platform.

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