How to increase your computer productivity while work from home.

In the current pandemic situation, most people are work from home. There is no infrastructure like in the office when at home, so we stumble when minor issues come up on laptops and desktops, thus reducing our productivity. Here’s a look at how to increase our productivity while working from home.

How to handle the Assets

  • Never Keep a Laptop in Bed or Sofa
  • Don’t keep the laptop in your leg for more than 30 Mins
  • Always keep laptop or desktops in a dust-free place
  • Clean the product every day

Infrastructure Precautions

The biggest problem we have when working from home is infrastructure, and if they are accordingly cared for and fixed in advance, our work will go on without any interruption.

  • Laptop Battery Health
  • USE Laptops on the table with USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • At least Have Small UPS for Desktops
  • Let Workplace in air circulated place

Protect your PC from Hacking

Hacking is now a hobby for a lot of people and those who do it for money are now down.
Most often these happen in apartments. They hack into your computer through your WiFi network and hack your data.
Here are some tips on how to protect your WiFi password, and let see what they are.

  • Numerical, Special Character, Caps letter, Minimum 10 Letters.
  • Share password through Phone.
  • Change Password at least monthly Once.
  • Switch Off Access Point at Night-Time.

Small Troubleshooting Tips

Computer technology is not rocket science, it is a simple device that everyone can use.
We have given you some great and simple tips. These will solve some of your biggest problems at times.

  • Restart the Computer
  • Restart the application.
  • Install Remote Desktop software in advance
  • Swap with known Good Product
  • Check on different places
  • Keep extra one accessories Back Up

We hope you find all of these very useful and thank you for reading this blog.

Have a great day.