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Common Laptop Problems;

Loud fan or heating up followed by shutting down and the solution is to Use your laptop on flat surfaces and avoid putting it on soft surfaces that may block the air passage. Clean out your fan with compressed air.
Laptop running slowly and the solution is there are lots of ways to try to tackle speed issues are Reduce Items that Run on Startup, Remove Programs No Longer In Use, Clean Your Drive, and Scan to And Remove Viruses.
The battery doesn’t last and the solution is to check all of your charger cable connections and drain your battery completely and recharge.
Black Screen and the solution is to Unplug the power, remove the battery, and then hold the power button for 60 seconds. Reattach the power cord and re-boot and then shut down again, put in the battery, and re-boot.

your laptop serviced at least once a year so that with proper cleaning and proper aid, your laptop is ready for use with reduced risk of sudden breakdowns.

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