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core i7 desktop computer

Core i7 Desktop Computers

➨It offers big cache size which is about 8 MB. This helps to increase instruction execution speed.
➨Processor speed is very fast due to combination of turbo boost and hyper threading technologies.
➨It consists of 4 pin connector to control the speed of fan. It provides cooler running technology for less heat and less noise.
➨It can be run at overclocking speed. It is the process by which computer run at higher clock rate than it is designed for.

  • Multitasking, for running multiple programs at the same time
  • Multithreading applications
  • Extreme 3D gaming
  • Creating professional movies and editing graphical tasks
  • More than enough for basic tasks such as word processing, internet browsing and e-mail
core i7 desktop computer
core i7 desktop computer

Even so, computer processors are rarely the bottleneck in performance these days. Instead, memory (RAM) and storage (SSD instead of an HDD) provide greater bang for the buck for increased performance from a computer.

The Intel® Core™ i7 processors are their most advanced chipsets, and offer greater capability than the Core™ i5 CPUs do. With much faster CPU performance, this makes them better suited for multitasking, multimedia consumption, high-end gaming, heavy application work like Adobe’s Creative Suite, and scientific work. If you currently find your desktop or laptop computer to be too slow when running these types of applications, than a Core™ i7 processor is aimed at your needs. For the best Core i7 Desktop Computer in Coimbatore, contact Palies IT Services.